11-year-old Belgian-Dutch boy graduates summa cum laude in Physics

MANILA, Philippines – An eleven (11) year-old received his bachelor’s degree in physics and graduated summa cum laude in just only one year in university.

Laurent Simons from the Belgian coastal town of Ostend has finished his studies at the University of Antwerp in Belgium, making him the second-youngest person who finished college in the world.

Photo Courtesy: Kenzo Tribouillard (Getty Images)

Simons takes three (3) years to finished his physics program. He earns an average of about nine (9) diplomas as per ANP statements.

The gifted teenager is now pursuing a master’s degree in physics at the same university. He wants to work as a scientist in the future.

“I have already completed a few courses,” he said on the ANP news agency today interview. “I want to eventually be able to replace as many parts of the body as possible with counterfeit organs.” He added.

According to his interview with the Dutch newspaper, “De Telegraaf”, Simons said, “I don’t really care if I’m the youngest. It’s all about getting knowledge for me,”

“This is the first puzzle piece in my goal of replacing body parts with mechanical parts,” Simons added.

“I want to be able to replace as many body parts as possible with mechanical parts. I’ve mapped out a path to get there. You can see it as a big puzzle. Quantum physics – the study of the smallest particles – is the first piece of the puzzle,” he explained.

Simon’s educational background

Simons wasn’t able to graduate from Eindhoven University in the Netherlands in 2019 because of the tension between his parents and the university. He was set to become the youngest graduate in the said university but the school refuses him to graduate before his 10th birthday. He previously studied electrical engineering at the said university.

He completed his High school academics and achieved his diploma at the age of eight (8). It took 1.5 years to complete his academics.

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  • Teresita Benosa Jul 12, 2021 @ 7:31

    Simon is truly a gifted child. But I fear there’s something amiss. I wonder what his social life is like. He’s but a kid… I pity the boy, in a way.

  • Marieta PADILLA Jul 12, 2021 @ 8:10

    his terrible, replacing organs into mechanical one. what a brain?! i admire his intelligence but thats beyond imagition thinking so big in a little mind and body.

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