A teacher died after being bitten by Philippine cobra

Manila, Philippines – A 49 years old elementary teacher from Bacong Elementary School died after being bitten by Philippine cobra right inside in her classroom in San Luis, Aurora.

The victim was named Rizza Laureano, resident from Barangay San Jose, Aurora.

“Nag-CR lang siya. Paglabas niya ng CR mayroon cabinet na katabi. Ngayon hinawi niya ang kurtina, yung kamay niya na pinaghawi niya ng kurtina, doon siya natuklaw ng ahas”, a story from Michelle Donato, sister of the victim.

The victim was immediately rushed in to the hospital by her fellow teachers but later died because there’s no available anti-venom vaccine in the hospital.

Ma’am Rizza’s younger sister appeals to the local government to pay attention about the shortages of anti-venom vaccine in the hospitals. Lack of the availability of anti-venom vaccine is one of the major problems in the hospital.

Aurora is one of the mountainous provinces that is possibly inhabited by various types of snakes. It is important to have anti-venom vaccines that is available in the hospital to prevent a similar incident and it will never be repeated.

Due to the students studying from home, it’s very likely that the classrooms are starting be evaded by wild animals including poisonous snakes. So it’s an important lesson as well for our teachers to check the cabinets and tight areas with utmost precaution.

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