April 2022 Fire Officer Exam FOE, POE, BCLTE, FSO Results: Full List of Successful Examinees, Topnotchers

MANILA, Philippines – The Civil Service Commission (CSC) releases the complete list of passers of the April 2022 Fire Officer Examination (FOE), Penology Officer Examination (POE), Foreign Service Officer (FSO), Basic Competency on Local Treasury Examination (BCLTE) including the top 10 passers in 60 calendar days after the exams.

The April 2022 FOE, POE, FSO, and BCLTE were given to 13,131 examinees at 17 testing centers last Sunday, April 24, 2022.

With the 13,131 examinees, FOE has the most number of examinees with 9,411. It was followed by POE with 2,235 examinees, BCLTE with 1,009 examinees, and FSO with the least number of examinees with 476.

April 2022 Summary of Results


Target Date of Release

As per previous releases of CSE, the April 2022 FOE, POE, FSO, and BCLTE are expected to be out in 30-40 days after the exams or by June 1-10, 2022. However, it may also be released earlier or later than the said dates without prior announcement(s).

Verification of Ratings

The Verification of Ratings (VoR) for the April 2022 FOE, POE, FSO, and BCLTE will be available online a few days after the result has been posted. The rating is expected to be available 15 days after the exam has been posted. Examinees can access the Online Civil Service Examination Result Generation System (OCSERGS) to get their individual test results/ratings.

Examination Coverage


  • General Ability: Verbal, Analytical and Numerical (25%)
  • Specialized Area : (75%)
    • Fire Suppression: Pre-Fire Planning; Firefighting Techniques and Procedures; Tools, Equipment, and Apparatus (30%)
    • Fire Safety and Prevention: Fire Code of the Philippines; Fire Safety Related Codes, NFPA Laws and other BFP Issuances (Building Code, Electrical Code); BFP Citizens Charter, SOP/MCs on Fire Safety Inspection (20%)
    • Fire Investigation: The Law on Arson in the Philippines (RPC); Procedures and Techniques; SOP’s in Fire and Arson Investigation (15%)
    • Administrative Matters: RA 6975, 9263 & 9592 and its IRR; CSC Rules and Regulations and Qualification Standards; BFP Memo Circulars and SOP’s on Administrative Matters (10%)


  • General Ability: Verbal, Analytical, Numerical (50%)
  • Specialized Area : (50%)
    • Jail Management Concepts and Applications (30%)
      •  Commitment and Classifications of Inmates/Prisoners/Detainees (5%)
      • Reception Procedures, Classification, and Disciplinary Boards, and Punishable Acts of Inmates (20%)
    • Custodial Concepts and Applications (45%)
      • Custody, Security and Control, Emergency Plans, and Movement and Transfer of prisoners and Detainees (35%)
      • Inmates’ Rights and Privileges (10%)
    • Inmates Welfare and Development (IWD) Programs (15%)
    • BJMP Administrative Matters (10%)
      • Salient Features of RA 6713 & RA 9263;
      • Omnibus Rules on Leave;
      • Bill of Rights – Article III of the Constitution;
      • RA 9745; 2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other Human Resource Actions;
      • 2017 BJMP Comprehensive Administrative Disciplinary Machinery


  • Numerical Ability (Word Problem; Data Interpretation)
  • Analytical Ability (Word Association/ Analogy; Identifying Assumptions and Conclusions; Symbolic Logic)
  • Verbal Ability (Grammar and Correct Usage; Vocabulary; Paragraph Organization; Reading Comprehension)
  • Managerial Ability (Leadership and Management)


  • General Ability
    • Verbal;
    • Analytical;
    • Leadership and Management;
    • RA 6713
  • Specialized/ Technical Area
    • Mobilization of Resources;
    • Management of Local Treasury Services;
    • Safekeeping of Local Funds and Records;
    • Preparation and Analysis of Treasury and Non-Treasury Related Reports;
    • Coordinating and Communicating Local Treasury Matters with Stakeholders;
    • Management of Other PFM Areas;
    • Management of Inter-Government and Other Fund Transfers

Passing Rate

As per CSE, the examinee must have an overall rating of 80.00%.

CSE Certification of Eligibility (COE)

FOE and POE are equivalent to second-level eligibilities.

Passing applicants will get a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) on CSC letterhead.


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