#Ateneo fresh graduate declined 37,000 starting salary?

Did the Ateneo fresh graduate student declined a Php 37,000 as a starting job salary and expects Php 60,000?

Manila, Philippines – The hashtag #Ateneo is trending in Twitter on April 29, 2021 due to a twitter post by Kume saying that a fresh graduate from Ateneo didn’t accept the Php 37,000.00 starting salary for an entry level position as marketing associate.

A fresh graduate explained that she expects Php 60,000.00 as a starting salary because of her educational background which made him speechless.

To quote from Kume’s tweet:

I just made a job offer to an Ateneo fresh grad, and I was shocked that she declined a 37k starting salary. The role is for an entry level Marketing Associate. I asked for her reason and she said that she expects at least 60k because of her educational background. I’M SPEECHLESS.

He also explained on his twitter post that it is not intended to bash the Ateneo graduates but to remind everyone that it was actually a thought-provoking situation.

What kind of mindset do kids have these days? Are they simply out of touch with reality, or were they brought up to think they deserve such huge salaries right off the bat?

On a separate tweet made by Kume’s, he said that it is never enough to simply mention the name of a prestigious school and stop there, because that gives the wrong impression. “It even shows lack of depth and insecurity”, he added. He also pointed out that confidence is always attractive.

Everyone is entitled to demand a high salary, encouraging dream big and setting high standard. But if you do it, at least be prepared to justify your credentials, discuss your projects, skills, extra curricular activities and volunteer work.

Who is the Ateneo graduate demanding 60,000 starting salary?

Kume didn’t disclose the name or any other personal information about the trending “Ateneo” applicant.

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  • claudine May 7, 2021 @ 11:11

    paano naman ang mga few tuition? volunteer work nalang ba?

  • Core Medical Feb 21, 2023 @ 23:21

    Very informative!

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