Baron Geisler’s Performance on His Latest Movie “Doll House” Won Over Netflix Viewers

The father-daughter relationship has been done so many times in movies. However, many people still appreciate this common movie trope due to how relatable this familial bond is. Baron Geisler’s latest movie, “Doll House,” will be another great addition to the list. That’s because his performance, together with his co-stars, showed just how powerful this trope could be if executed perfectly. Netflix viewers shared this sentiment as Doll House remains in the top 1 spot on Netflix PH.

The Director Behind Doll House

Marla Ancheta was the director of the said movie. She also previously directed Finding Agnes (2020) and Ikaw (2021), which both aired and found success on Netflix. However, Doll House is currently Ancheta’s most successful work, as the movie was rated 8.2 on IMDB and had a 100% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Only time will tell if the film also appeals to critics and other audiences, but right now, there’s no doubt that it has made an impact.

Chemistry and Bond

Despite how massive the movie has been, the story only revolves around a small cast of characters. The relationship between Rustin and his daughter Yumi is the center of the whole film. The bond shared by these characters became authentic thanks to the chemistry between Baron Geisler and Althea Ruedas. It is always guaranteed that the scene will be precious whenever these two share the screen. They could balance out the film’s comedic and heartwarming aspects.

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Phi Palmos also did well playing as Bok, Yumi’s gay uncle and guardian. His chemistry with the two leads also felt genuine. His first interaction with Baron’s character even felt like how actual Filipinos meet in a different country.

Tackling Relatable Issues

However, the real star of the show was Baron Geisler himself. Even though few cast interacted with each other, Doll House tackled a lot of subject matter. Some subjects are more profound than the others, such as battling addiction, family connection, and redeeming oneself from past mistakes. Then, there are some less-pronounced issues sprinkled throughout the movie.

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For instance, there were subtle moments of Rustin dealing with grief even though the event took place long ago. The addition of this scene is an excellent representation of people who are also grieving for the people they love. There really are times when the pain sticks even after a long time. Although brief, the scene with Rustin’s relationship with his late wife is powerful, showing how instability can destroy a marriage. The discord between Rustin and his dad wasn’t also that focused on, but it added more complexity to Rustin’s character.

A Praiseworthy Performance

Baron Geisler was able to juggle all these subject matters and made them all believable. There wasn’t any doubt about him nailing the part as a person struggling with drug addiction due to his actual past. Even Baron expressed how he relates to the character on a personal level. However, all the other emotional baggage that his character Rustin has sprung to life thanks to his performance.

The public expressed their love for the film on social media, with some saying that they didn’t expect to cry watching the movie.

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Others praise Baron’s performance as a whole.

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Some netizens focused on the life lesson that they learned through the film.

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Many see Doll House as a fantastic film with much to offer. Whether one is a supporter of Baron Geisler or a fan of the movie’s premise, netizens are guaranteeing a worthwhile viewing.


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