Bill Gates and Melinda Gates filed divorce after 27 years of marriage

Manila, Philippines – Bill Gates, a billionaire and a co-founder of the Microsoft which is one of the most largest charitable private foundation, announces on Monday, May 3, 2021 via a twitter post that they filed for divorce with her wife, Melinda Gates.

After 27 years of their marriage, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates said on a joint statement on a twitter post that, they are no longer believe they can grow together as a couple.

To quote from a joint statement of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates;

After a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we have made the decision to end our marriage. Over the last 27 years, we have raised three incredible children and built a foundation that works all over the world to enable all people to lead healthy, productive lives. We continue to share a belief in that mission and will continue our work together at the foundation, but we no longer believe we can grow together as a couple in this next phase of our lives. We ask for space and privacy for our family as we begin to navigate this new life.

According to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, “They will continue to work together to shape and approve foundation strategies, advocate for the foundation’s issues, and set the organization’s overall direction”.

Quick Info about Bill Gates

Bill Gates is known to be one of the wealthiest man in the world. He became the CEO of the Microsoft from1975 to 2000. Before the non-profit foundation was launched in 2000, Bill Gates has already established himself as a wealthy and successful man in the world.

In 2000, the non-profit foundation was first launched by Bill and Melinda Gates and now, it is the largest private Philanthropic foundation in the United States and one of the world’s biggest foundations. Since it was established, the non-profit foundation has paid almost $55 billion in grants.

In the Forbes 35th annual billionaires list, Bill Gates ranked at number 4 having a net worth at $124 billion.

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As expected, their joint statement via tweet went viral and bring out mixed responses in social media. Here are some of the tweets from the random accounts in Twitter.

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