CHED: No going back to the traditional face-to-face classes

Manila, Philippines– The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) will not go back to the face-to-face classroom interaction and will continue to adopt the policy of the flexible learning system in the current school year and thereafter, says by the CHED Chairman J. Prospero de Vera III in the webinar held on Friday, may 21.

To quote,

From now on, flexible learning will be the norm. There is no going back to the traditional, full-packed face-to-face classrooms. The commission has adopted a policy that flexible learning will continue in School Year 2021 and thereafter.

If we go back to the traditional face-to-face classroom, we run the risk of exposing our stakeholders to the same risks if another pandemic comes in, and if we go back to the traditional face-to-face, we would have wasted all the investments in technology, in teacher training, in the retrofitting of our facilities

The flexible learning system combines distinct methods of teaching and different learning strategies such as using new online platforms, using technology as a learning materials or using printed modules as a substitute for learning.

“Old paradigm of face-to-face versus online will now disappear. What will happen is a flexible system where universities will mix and match flexible learning methods appropriate to their situation.” De Vera explained.

De Vera also emphasized that as universities are more prepared, the commission will continue in investing and moving ahead using their online platforms.

“Others, will be allowing some of their students to come at specific periods and do more synchronous versus asynchronous learning,” he added.

De Vera also explained that the faculty members should find their ways to adjust to a new standards and rethink for possible problems that may arise in the implementation of the new flexible learning system.

“We realized that the digital divide exacerbates difficulties in adjusting to flexible learning. But we are seeing in the experience of higher education institutions that innovation and adjustments are emerging. Meaning, both students and faculty members are able to adapt and adjust to flexible learning better now than before,” De Vera said.

“Teachers must now realize that the old norms are gone and that they must adjust to new standards, such as in engagement with students, syllabus and methodologies, assessment systems and the type of learning materials that are used,” he said.

“We will see a transition from the exam-based system that depends on knowledge creation to group work and project or task-based systems, particularly in determining how to grade our students,” he added.

DepEd: On Face-to-face classes

Meanwhile, the Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Leonor Briones said that the implementation for limited face-to-face classes in elementary and high school in the areas where covid-19 cases are very low is subject for the approval by the President.

Briones said that around 600 schools in low risk areas were ready for the face-to-face classes.

“Anytime the President gives us the go signal, we can open face-to-face”, she said.

“He can choose whatever date he deems appropriate in his wisdom. We are hoping that the trend in the management of COVID will improve much better”

Meanwhile, DepEd is eyeing August 23, 2021 to be the opening of classes for school year 2021-2022.

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  • OLYMPIA G.GELARDINO May 24, 2021 @ 14:21

    for much better output gearing towards quality of education in any level, face -to -face classes is much better .If we talk about investment of technology resources,these can all be useful during face to face also,nothing goes to waste….then parents and pupils,students too must be taught of all the healthy measures,precautions,healthy habits in order the boost our immune system…..

  • Maria Abigael M. Domecillo May 24, 2021 @ 16:38

    There is no learning at all kung technology lang ang pagbabasihan, ang pupils or students NEED talaga ang teacher-students INTERACTIONS, classroom environment and learning materials. Naaawa na talaga ako sa mga KABATAAN ngayon, dahil sila ang pag asa ng ating bayan. Huwag sanang hayaan lamunin nang takot ang mga isip ng mamamayang PILIPINO sa COVID19, meron namang mga precautions, healtg protocols, etc na dapat sundin. Mas mabuti talaga ang face to face, at agree ako sa ganyan.. hopefully🙏

  • Ernesto Agustin Beltran Jul 16, 2021 @ 10:34

    Learning is a personal decision and the guidance of parents and teachers are important to the learning experience, but as the saying goes, “you can get the horse to the well, but you cannot let it drink if it does not want to”. Whatever the approach is, whether it is the usual traditional face-to-face learning, flexible learning, online learning, blended learning, the LEARNER must WANT to LEARN given whatever learning resource is available. Technology is only one of the means to learn and since this is already available to all, but not affordable as yet to many impoverished people, the answer will always be “if there is a WILL, there is a WAY”. A mix of the learning resources are also made available, like TV, Radio, Printed Modules, YouTube, etcetera, so there is no reason not to be able to LEARN unless one does not want to.

  • Umar Pedtukasan Jul 16, 2021 @ 22:19

    Anu man ang desisyon ng sec at pangulo wala tayong magagawa kundi magsunod. Ngunit kung ang online learning/modular parin, katanggap-tanggap pa sa high school, ngunit sa elem level nahihirapan ang mga magulang na maging parateacher lalo na yong konting kaalaman. At paano yong walang pinag-aralan na magulang? walang mapagtanungan? Kaya ang resulta ng sch year 2020-2021, 1.. yong dati na hindi honors naging honor at nasapawan ang dating honor pupils dahil magulang nila may alam at minsan at kalimitan sila na ang sumasagot-DAPAT NGA YONG UNA NA MEMO NA WALANG HONOR (unfair ang resulta ngayon) 2. ang natututo ay ang mga magulang.3. Sa hindi nakakatiis na mga magulang minabuti na ipatigil ang kanilang mga anak-MARAMING DROPOUT. 4. Yaong responsibilidad ng guro naibigay sa mga magulang-APEKTADO ORAS NG MAGULANG SA HANAPBUHAY. Kung noon minsan promoted ang ibang bata na walang natutunan, ngayon ang dami ng promoted na walang natutunan. Masmaganda face to face parin sa mga low risk ng covid,protocols lang kailangan. Huwag sanang hayaan maraming gagraduate ng walang nalalaman.

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