Delayed and Faded Philippine National IDs: Why? What are the issues?

Why is there a super delayed release of Philippine National IDs? For those who already have theirs, why is it faded?

It was during midyear 2018 that many Barangay halls, City halls, and other huge government establishments were packed with so many people eagerly waiting to register for the newly established National IDs in the Philippines.

Every age group within different social status were there, due to awareness that these identification cards will serve a great purpose in the near future. It was well advertised that people in possession of the National ID will be honored in transactions such as identity, marital status, birth, and other personal circumstances. It was also another indication that the country is progressing towards development much faster.

Owning this for some is not just for convenience, but also for providing hope that the overall condition of our country is steadily moving. This sentiment really echoed within the vicinities, and they were both uttered by the young and old.

The Issue Arises

March 12, 2018, was when the “Act Establishing the Philippine Identification System” was filed at the Senate, then it was later passed on March 29, 2018. The operation for this happened 4 years ago, and yet there are still people who are waiting to get their copies, while others were met with dismay with the low-quality copies of the IDs that they got.

It was immediately pointed out that in just three months, the IDs will become blurry and unreadable. The severity of this issue was further proven as this is one of the major complaints reported by House Deputy Minority Leader Bernadette Herrera during the 2023 budget of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). The issue of the delayed deliveries also drove many lawmakers to go after the Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA) during the budget deliberation today.

So, it’s safe to say that a lot of Filipinos were disappointed with the outcome of this particular project. Not only did this appear as a waste of time to some, but it also diminishes their hope for the positive progression of the country. What echoed now among these citizens were speculations.

Speculations range from corruption, false information, and the one that was loudly assumed; the system getting hacked, due to the assumption that the security of the government website was unreliable. Because of this, a sense of uneasiness scattered around the country, as it is natural to assume the worst.

Damage Control and Solutions

To relieve the anxiety of the masses, Marikina Rep. Stella Quimbo immediately spoke to the key persons in charge to make a reliable statement about the matter. She was able to impart that PSA did not encounter hackers and that the people should rest easy as the data presented reliably shows that the National ID system was not in any way compromised.

However, she did not just address the issue of the delayed deliveries, as she was also aware of the low quality of the Identification Cards. For this matter, she showed humility by admitting the imperfection of the produced copies. Right now, she assured the people that the lawyers are looking into the issue regarding the mishaps caused by the printing provider.

Quimbo also stated that once the IDs fade, the people can legally ask for a replacement. She also followed up with the announcement that everyone can look forward that 30 million National IDs will be delivered by the end of 2022. However, the good news did not end there, as Quimbo also urged everyone to look forward to getting another 20 million physical copies of the IDs by the end of June, and as a clincher, she also stated that the number of copies will increase to 92 million, covering Filipinos aged 5 and above.

The government and its member’s efforts to assure the masses are very much appreciated. Their courage to face the disappointment, anger, and doubt of the public proves just how professional they are. However, only time will prove their claims.

The important thing for most Filipinos is that they receive what was promised; to receive their physical copy of the National ID. In the end, although the process was lacking, the project still showed promise for the continued progression of the country.


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    Asking why its been almost 2 years my application is not yet processed. No PSN number yet, when I track my application reference number in PHILPOST Tracking it always comeback ” NOT FOUND”. Can you give me a positive feedback PSA?

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