Hordes of irate Filipino users and buyers call to mass-uninstall or delete the Shopee app after the company teased the identity of its newest celebrity ambassador in a tweet that received a large engagement. Shopee is no stranger to controversy. It may not have an official spokesperson yet, but it’s already creating waves with its [...]

When will Heart Evangelista have her babies?

A recent revelation by Heart Evangelista in the cover story issued by L’Officiel Philippine reported by PEP.ph confirms that the actress went through IVF (in vitro fertilization) that assures her of future baby boy and baby girl. What would have been a challenging process which according to her resulted to promising perfect babies, “It was [...]

Jamill New Youtube Channel

MANILA, Philippines – JaMill, the popular YouTube duo, and real-life couple Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad, will release a comeback video today, Sept. 15, just a few weeks after they deleted their channel. Recently, Jayzam confirmed that their YouTube account has been deleted because it was a “personal decision with Camille”. This came when internet [...]

K Brosas, scammed by his contractor

MANILA, Philippines – K Brosas, a singer and comedian, has filed a case against the contractor of her dream house, alleging that the contractor went into hiding after being paid nearly P7 million. Brosas explained on her Instagram post that she had contracted someone to build her house a few years ago because she was [...]

Paolo Contis Facebook statements on split with LJ

MANILA, Philippines – Paolo Contis recently shared on his Facebook page about the issues he was facing. Paolo said in his most recent posts that, after LJ’s interview was aired, he received terrible insults and criticisms. Paolo went on to say that despite the problem he was facing, he wanted to remain silent and opted [...]

Shara Chavez, a scammer? Several members claimed to be scammed

MANILA, Philippines – The former PGT Champion Jovit Baldivino’s ex-girlfriend is accused of being a scammer who defrauded over 8,000 individuals in an investment scheme. On the Asintado program, Jerome, Ace, and Mae confronted Jigo Pistolero and Atty. Claire Castro about Shara Jane Chavez Cruzat, Jovit Baldivino’s ex-girlfriend, and her partner, Angel, who runs SCET [...]

Comedian Actress ‘Mahal’ died at 46, Here are the reasons why?

MANILA, Philippines –Noemi Tesorero, also known as “Mahal” has died at the age of 46, her family confirmed on Tuesday, August 31. Irene Tesorero, her sister, confirmed Mahal’s death on PEP.ph on Tuesday at 4 p.m. in a hospital in Batangas. Irene said Mahal has been tested positive for Covid-19. According to Irene, Gastro Illness [...]

BIR to Vloggers and Influencers: ‘Pay your Taxes’

MANILA, Philippines — The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has started a thorough investigation into the Social Media Influencers (SMIs) who fail to pay the right taxes on their online earnings. The Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 97-2021 – Taxation of Any Income Received by Social Media Influencers was promulgated by the Bureau of Internal [...]

JaMill deleted their Youtube channel, here’s why?

Manila, Philippines — Vlogger Couple Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad, also known as JaMill had deleted their Youtube (YT) channel to save and focus on their relationship. In a Facebook video post, Jayzam addressed on Thursday, that their YouTube channel has been deleted and it was a “personal decision with Camille.” This came when internet [...]

Speculations now loom. Who is the “special” man in the recent Facebook birthday greeting of Kris Aquino? MANILA, Philippines – Kris Aquino, on Wednesday August 11, has posted on Facebook a short captioned image saying “Thank you for coming into my life, Happy Birthday!”. To quote from the description, I thought long and hard whether [...]