Factory worker in Valenzuela get paid in centavo coins

Manila, Philippines A factory worker from Next Green Factory in Valenzuela City received his two (2) days salary in the form of five (5¢) and ten (10¢) centavo coins worth ₱1,056.00.

The worker caught the attention of the Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian on Monday after the cousin of the factory worker posted on Facebook about the wages received in coins.

To quote from the cousin of the victim,

“Concern ko lang po Mayor Rex Gatchalian bakit ganito naman po ungpasahod sa pinsan ko sa Pabrika Canumay West (NEXT GREEN) ung pangalan ng Pambrika. Sobrang pambabastos po talaga to sa pinsan ko na ganito ung pinasahod puro CENTIMO. Binigay sa kanya 12hrs ung duty tapos 528.00 lang pasahod sa sa kanila, Sobrang nakakabastos po talaga tong ginagawa nila!! Sana naman po magawan ng aksyon tong Companya na to sa ginawa nila sa pinsan ko. Sobra-sobra to, ’di maganda ’yung ginawa sa kanya. Pinahirapan kunin ’yung sahod tapos centimo pa po ’yung binigay sa kanyang sahod,”

Valenzuela City Mayor Gatchalian called out the factory worker in his office to discuss the complaint with the owners of the factory.

Valuenza City added a twitter post read, “Mayor REX reiterates that industry workers should be treated accordingly and not be demoralized,”

As per statements, the centavo coins have not yet been replaced in the form of bill but the Mayor has already extended help to the factory worker.

“Hindi po pinalitan ni Mayor REX ang barya dahil maghaharap pa po sila ng mga owner ng kumpanya sa next meeting. Nagpaabot po ng cash assistance si Mayor REX sa empleyado kanina bago ito lumabas ng kanyang tanggapan.” Valenzuela City as they gave the updates on the issues.

According to the BSP Circular No. 537 of 2006, coins in the denomination of one peso (P1) to five pesos (P5) shall be accepted as a payment in the amount not exceeding P1,000.00. As well as in one cent (1¢), five cents (5¢) and ten (10¢) cents, it is accepted as payment for amount not exceeding one hundred pesos (P100.00).

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