Google PH offers 39,000 Scholarships to Filipinos: How to apply?

MANILA, Philippines – Google Philippines said that they will offer 39,000 scholarship grants to complete online certificate courses through the Google Career Certificate Scholarships.

This project was made possible with Google Philippines’ partnership with the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and Globe.

This educational opportunity will serve as excellent news for many who aspire to take on Information Technology-related works. In this day and age, where the digital landscape is continuously progressing, many businesses and jobs from different industries have started to depend more on the methods it offers. Digital strategies ensure excellent quality, efficiency, and accuracy, especially in our fast-paced world.

How to apply for Google PH Scholarship?

As of now, applicants can wait for further announcements regarding the scholarship on Globe’s social media pages on the detailed steps and date(s) of applications.

Here are the things that we already know.

First is that the number of scholarships that Google is offering is 39,000. Second is the expected number of courses and length of each of them. The scholarship will be offering four courses; (1) IT support, (2) Data Analytics, (3) UX Design, and (4) Project Management, with each of them lasting for six months to – one year.

You can also wait for further announcements through the Google Scholarship Page.

Age Limit

Any Filipinos under the age of 18 and above are permitted to apply for the online certificate course. This age requirement will greatly inspire younger generations to dive into the digital landscape early. Similarly, this would also encourage the older generation that it’s not too late to learn about modern working strategies.

Work Experience

The application for the courses provided by the Google Philippines Scholarship does not require any work experience or academic degree. This move is a clear invitation to anyone who reaches the age limit and wants to learn.

Google Philippines’ Allies for the Operation

What sparked the whole idea for this scholarship sprung from what Google Philippines observed in this country’s work demand. As the company’s Marketing chief Gabby Roxas pointed out, there is an apparent demand for IT-related jobs. Roxas exclaimed the necessity for this scholarship with this statement:

“This is to ensure that our workforce is competitive and they can actually land jobs in the growing IT field.”

Representatives from DICT and DTI also supported Google Philippines’ point of view as they focus on other aspects once the whole project becomes fully operational.

DTI Usec. Ireneo Vizmonte shared his positive outlook on the future of the digital economy, as their joint efforts would represent another milestone towards the advancement of this nation. On the other hand, DICT Asec. Jeffrey Ian Dy stated that the potential progress would also center around the people rather than just the whole industry.

Now that the ideas are crystal clear, the only thing needed is to spread awareness about the tremendous opportunity Google Philippines offers. This is where Globe Telecommunication Services comes in. The company will be in charge of announcing and reaching out to several local government units to get the people on board, 87 million to be exact, under the target number of subscribers that Portfolio Director of Globe, Erben Pilapil-Tuazon, is hoping for.

Looking Forward

The efforts of the companies and government sectors involved with the launching of this project are a clear sentiment of the country’s need for more innovation in this digital era. Google has generously given the country a good push in the right direction. All that’s left to do is show the results of these efforts in the future.


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