IATF: Granular lockdown is possible to be imposed in NCR

MANILA, Philippines – New quarantine measures, including possible granular lockdowns in National Capital Region (NCR)/Metro Manila, are still pending President Rodrigo Duterte’s approval, Secretary Harry Roque said on Sunday morning.

According to Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez, the government’s coronavirus task committee has approved the implementation of a granular lockdown beginning on Wednesday, September 8, with the National Capital Region as the testing area.

The Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Disease makes a recommendation on the granular lockdown but it is still on President Duterte’s decision whether he approves the recommendation or not.

What’s in the granular lockdown?

According to DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez, “(the granular) lockdown will be limited to few and small specific areas with high transmissions, but other areas will allow some more sector openings and capacity so that more jobs can be brought back”.

Instead of imposing province-wide or city-wide quarantine restrictions, a granular lockdown system will place individual establishments, streets, or barangays with high infection counts under lockdown.

According to Lopez, food will be provided to individuals in hard lockdown communities. Depending on the granular lockdown limits enforced, more businesses will be permitted to operate.

Minimum health measures such as face masks, face shields, distance, and ventilation are still required.

Level 1 – New normal

Level 2- Concentrated on allowing capacity in the most affected sectors

Level 3- The most stringent granular lockdown will be imposed.

What will be allowed during Granular Lockdown?

  • Closed Area
    • Restaurants, Gym, and SPA
  • Crowded Area
    • Meeting, Events, Conventions
  • Close Contact Sector
    • Salon, Personal Care Services

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  • Anonymous Sep 6, 2021 @ 23:01

    paanu an kami na mhirap kng wlang pasok or no pay no work..san kami kukuha ngaipapakain sa pamilya mga maliliit naming anak.

  • Teresita husain viray Sep 6, 2021 @ 23:04

    panu na kmi nyan..no work no pay..bago pa kmi sa lugar.hindi kmi ksali sa ayuda..hwag amn ..my ank din kmi bnubuhay..kawawa amn mga bata..

  • Rowena Sep 7, 2021 @ 4:56

    Matagal ng lockdown ang trabaho ko isa akong Therapist. Lahat ng mga pasyente ko nag stop pag pa massage therapy dahil sa takot na mahawaan ng pandimec covid -19 ganon din ako. San po pwede makahingi ng tulong. Jobless ako ngayun..

  • Anonymous Sep 7, 2021 @ 5:40

    Mga bwesitttt kayoooo.wala n kyong maisip lahat nlng Ng qng Anu ANONG panagalan Ng lockdown.mga hayop kyong mga nagppatipad nyan..

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