Lumpiang Shanghai is the Best Street Food in the Philippines: Here’s Why

Filipino foods are undeniably delicious, but one that is known to be the best is the infamous “Lumpiang Shanghai.

Statistically Delicious

The claim is not just from the notion that this is probably the most sought-after finger food during every Filipino party and event. There is actual statistical proof of this in the form of legitimate food rating competitions, one of which was led by TasteAtlas. Moreover, lumpia’s popularity in the country resonated with many Filipinos as it was ranked the top 1 Filipino food last year, overtaking other known Filipino dishes such as Adobo and Lechon.

This year, Lumpiang Shanghai received another outstanding achievement. TasteAtlas has posted the list of the best street foods in Asia, and it settled with the second spot under Malaysia’s Roti Canai after being tied with both having 4.9 ratings.

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Rich History

As the name suggests, Lumpiang Shanghai got its inspiration from a Chinese cuisine called Spring Rolls. The preparation both requires a wrapper and a meat filling getting deep fried. However, the Filipino wrapper is thinner than the typical Chinese spring roll. The flour used to make them also differs as Lumpia wrappers use flour and corn starch, while Chinese spring rolls traditionally use rice flour.

Seeing similarities and differences in both Asian dishes tells a lot about the history of the Philippines. This is another proof of the trading relationships between the Philippines and China. Products and words weren’t the only ones that the ancestors of both countries shared, but also their dishes.


Lumpiang Shanghai is known to be one of the easiest dishes to prepare. All you need are lumpia wrappers, ground pork, some chopped carrots, salt, and pepper. Afterward, follow these four simple steps: (1) peeling the lumpia wrappers from one another, (2) seasoning and spreading the ground pork to the wrapper, (3) rolling the wrappers with the ground pork, and (4) deep frying them.

Due to how often Filipinos serve these treats, it practically goes with any dish. So you can eat them with rice, pansit bihon (a popular noodle dish in the country), spaghetti, and many more.

Great for Business

The love of Filipinos for this dish knows no bounds. The evidence points to the fact that Lumpiang Shanghai is almost on all the menus of many food businesses. High-profile restaurants, fast foods, and ordinary street vendors have them. Why? Because they are all aware of just how people love to eat Lumpia. It even became popular because well-known shows and internet content started referencing it.

The Philippines is the home of people who generally love food. Filipinos bond with each other by eating together. That’s why we can expect many dishes to choose from at every event and celebration. The people of this country will always find a way to incorporate food.

So if you manage to attend one of these gatherings, or maybe you find yourself in the middle of a vast sea of food establishments, always expect a Lumpiang Shanghai to catch your eye.


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