Rabiya Mateo in 69th Miss Universe Preliminary Competition (Evening Gown and Swimsuit)

Manila, Philippines – Miss Universe Philippines (MUP) Rabiya Mateo was very glamorous during the presentation of 69th Miss Universe Preliminary Competition on Friday, May 14 in Hollywood Florida.

During the swimsuit competition, Rabiya Mateo wore a yellow two-piece bikini and confidently showcase her stunning pasarela walk from all over the universe.

Photo Courtesy: LAZADA

In the second round of competition, Queen Rabiya wore a yellow gown designed by Amato Couture. He explained that the gown is the representation of the sun, which symbolizes happiness, strength and vitality.

“Even at 93 million miles away, it warms, illuminates and energizes us, making us feel our best and our brightest” Amato said on Instagram. 

Photo Courtesy: LAZADA

“The one sided neckline tulle gown is elegantly encrusted with Citrine Swarovski crystals on the bodice cascading to the hem and cape over alabaster Swarovski components, glass beads and paillettes. The dramatic and fitted silhouette adds interest and pizzazz on its own. The cape added royalty to the gown, and its beadwork was inspired by the radiance of the Philippine sun which symbolizes positivity and optimism. A hope for a new tomorrow, a world with endless beauty and happiness”, the designer explained.

“We may missed the sun yesterday, but today, she’s more than ready to shine even brighter — beaming with hope and optimism for the Philippines,” Amato captioned in his Instagram post.

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Where to Watch Miss Universe?

The 69th Miss Universe finals will be aired on May 17, 2021. You can watch through online via iQiyi or International (iQ.com). You can download the app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Likewise, A2Z is also offering live telecast of 69th Miss Universe on May 17 from 8am. Philippine viewers can watch the final night live on the Lazada app.

Other countries can watch the live streams of Miss Universe finals via Miss Universe’s official YouTube channel.

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