Eraserheads’ Final Reunion Concert “Huling El Bimbo”

After so many years of waiting, we are finally going to get another Eraserheads reunion concert, and it’s only several weeks away. Although the band had a rocky start due to ticket pricing, the fans still pulled through, as evidenced by the sold-out ticket sale within four days in early October. However, is it true [...]

There isn’t any Filipino who wouldn’t recognize the sensational band that is Eraserheads. Some grew up with their album, and some drew inspiration from the band’s style of music. Some even go as far as claiming that Eraserheads is “The Beatles of the Philippines,” Eheads have also paved the wave for iconic bands in the [...]

Victor Wood “Jukebox King”, dead at 74 due to COVID

MANILA, Philippines – Victor Wood or also known as the “Jukebox King of the Philippines” or “Plaka King” died at 74 due to Covid-19 complications this Friday morning, April 23, 2021. According to his wife Nerissa through a report from ABS-CBN, Victor Wood admitted in the New Era Hospital Thursday, April 22 because of his [...]