Over 6M doses of vaccine administered in the Philippines as of June 7, 2021

Manila, Philippines – The Philippine government has already administered 6,096,208 COVID-19 vaccine doses nationwide as of June 7, 2021.

The government milestone in free immunization program was achieved in nearly three months since it was started last March 1.

As of June 7, 2021, 1,604,260 were already fully vaccinated and 4,491,948 received their first dose of Covid-19 vaccines.

Only 2.8% of the 58 million target by the government to get full herd immunity are fully immunized against the corona virus disease.

Of these, those who get their full vaccination are 846,301 health workers, 393,944 senior citizens, 358,317 persons with comorbidities, and 5,698 economic frontliners.

According to the Department of Health (DOH), as of June 6, the country received a total of 9,329,050 Covid-19 vaccine doses. Out of these, 8,684,060 were already distributed to over 3,000 vaccination sites nationwide.

Chief implementer Carlito Galvez Jr. earlier said the government expects 10 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines to be delivered this month, including 4.5 million of Sinovac vaccines, 2.2 million Pfizer vaccines, 2 million AstraZeneca vaccines, 1 million Sputnik vaccines and 250,000 Moderna vaccines.

According also to Galvez, the country is expected to received 2.2M Pfizer vaccines that will arrived from June 10 to 11 and another 1M of Sinovac vaccines are expected to be delivered on June 10.

Here is the table showing the number of vaccines delivered in the country from February 2021 to present.

DateName of VaccinesFigure
Feb 28, 2021SinoVac600,000
March 24, 2021SinoVac400,000
March 29, 2021SinoVac1,000,000
April 11, 2021SinoVac500,000
April 19, 2021AstraZeneca525,600
April 22, 2021SinoVac500,000
April 29, 2021SinoVac500,000
May 1, 2021Gamaleya30,000
May 7, 2021SinoVac1,500,000
May 8, 2021AstraZeneca2,000,000
May 10, 2021Pfizer-BioNTech193,050
May 19, 2021SinoVac500,000
May 30, 2021Sputnik V50,000
June 6, 2021Sinovac1,000,000

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DOH: Vaccination Priorities

The government approved the vaccination for economic frontline workers in essential sectors (A4) and indigent Filipinos (A5) beginning of June. So far, only health workers (A1), senior citizens (A2) and persons with comorbidities (A3) have undergone the vaccination program. Here are the following categories in vaccination program.

CategoryPriority group
A1Frontline health workers both national and local; public and non-public; health professional and non-professional (students, nursing aides, janitors, barangay health workers, et. al)
A2Senior citizens (60-years old and above)
A3Persons with comorbidities
A4Economic frontline workers in essential sectors including uniformed personnel.
A5Indigent Filipinos
B1Teachers and Social workers
B2Other Government Workers
B3Other Essential Workers such as grocery store workers, bank workers, retail workers, mall workers
B4Socio-demographic groups at significantly higher risk other than senior citizens and indigenous Filipinos such as persons deprived of liberty, persons with disabilities, Filipinos living in high-density areas, students
B5Overseas FIlipino Workers
B6Other remaining workforce
CRest of the Filipino population not otherwise included in the above priority groups

Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker

So far, the Philippine government has received a total of 9,329,050 doses of Covid-19 vaccines. Majority of the vaccines received are SinoVac with a total of 6.5M doses.

The government also assures that the vaccines are free for all.

The target numbers of full vaccination by the end of the year are at least 58 million individuals.

Source: ABS-CBN COVID-19 tracker

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