Panlasang Pinoy withdrew from partnering with Nas Daily

Manila, Philippines — An American-based Filipino vlogger Vanjo Merano or also known as Panlasang Pinoy withdrew from signing a contract with Arab-Israeli influencer Nuseir Yassin or also known as Nas Daily.

Vanjo Merano said on Facebook that his online course, which was set to air on Nas Daily, will be canceled.

As a sign of support for famous Kalinga tattoo artist Apo Whang-Od, Merano said that he will not continue his work with Nas Daily.

To quote from Vanjo Merano,

“PP Academy was in the works under the Nas Academy platform, but I decided not to pursue in support to Apo and the exploited Pinoy hospitality 🇵🇭!!! “

According to Merano, Yassin took advantage of Filipinos’ hospitality after he reportedly sought to earn off Kalinga culture.

Vanjo even used the hashtag “#icandoitonmyownanyway” in his Facebook post, indicating that he believes he can make money online without Nas Academy’s aid.

Merano has 6.9 million Facebook followers, which may be a big loss for Nas Academy.

Apo Wang-Od as a Tatoo Artist

Whang-Od, a traditional tattoo artist from the Kalinga tribe of Butbut. Her contributions to Filipino culture and the ancient technique of tattooing earned her the Dangal ng Haraya Award from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) in 2018.

The Filipino community recently criticized Nas Daily when Wang-Od’s grandchild Gracia Palicas, described the academy’s online tattoo course starring her grandmother as a “scam.” However, Nas Daily stated that the tattoo master herself accepted the Nas Academy’s agreement with Wang-Od.

Nas Academy is coordinating with the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples to ensure that all “necessary protocols” linked to the academy are followed.

To quote from Nas Daily

” we are committed to working with the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) to ensure that all proper processes are followed.”

“Meanwhile, we will be pausing our operations in the Philippines to focus on strengthening our processes around how we collaborate with our partners,”

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