PhiVolcs: Taal Volcano Update as of July 3, 2021 (Alert Level, Eruption)

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has announced the Taal Volcano bulletin including the alert level status on July 3, 2021.

From Alert Level 2, it was raised to Alert Level 3 since July 1, 2021. Here is the summary of the 24-hour monitoring of Tall Volcano as of 5PM, July 3, 2021.

  • Alert Level: 3
  • Status Alert Level: High Activity
  • Volcanic Earthquake: more than 48 earthquakes with weak background tremors
  • Sulfur Dioxide Flux (SO2): 10,254 tons/day (July 02, 2021)
  • pH: 1.59 (February 12, 2021)
  • Temperature: 71.8 (March 04, 2021)
  • Plume (Steaming): Has an altitude of 3,000 meters before landing in the southwest and northwest caused by the upwelling of hot volcanic gases. Vog is also spotted in the crater of Taal.
  • Ground Deformation: Slow deflation of TVI, slow expansion of Taal mass.

The continuous upwelling of hot gases into the Main Crater of Taal Volcano was also observed.

Evacuation Plans

Due to phreatomagmatic bursts of Taal Volcano that resulted of spewing ash, upwelling of hot gases, and other materials around in one kilometer high, PhiVolcs raised Alert level 3 over the area of Batangas.

Philvocs likewise announces that the Taal Volcano Island, Taal Lake and high risk barangays in the town of Agoncillo such as Barangay Banyaga, Bilibinwang and in the town of Laurel such as Gulod, Buso-buso, Lakeshore Bugaan East in Batangas must be restricted.

To quote from the recent official reminder from PAGASA,

The public is reminded that the entire Taal Volcano Island is a Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ), and entry into the island as well as into the high-risk barangays of Agoncillo and Laurel must be prohibited due to the hazards of pyroclastic density currents and volcanic tsunami should strong eruptions occur.

Communities around the Taal Lake shores are advised to remain vigilant, take precautionary measures against possible airborne ash and vog and calmly prepare for possible evacuation should unrest intensify.

Taal Volcano Alert Level Classifications

Here is the list of the alert level classifications from PAG-ASA:

Alert LevelDescription
0Quiet or no alert
1Low level of volcanic unrest
2Moderate level of volcanic unrest
3Magmatic unrest/ high level of volcanic unrest
4Hazardous eruption imminent
5Hazardous eruption in progress

Contact PhiVolcs

Should you have concerns related to Taal Volcano, you may also reach the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) at the following contact details:

Telephone Number: Trunkline: +632 426-1468
Facebook: @PHIVOLCS
Twitter: @Philvolcs_dost


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