PNP COVID-19 Updates (Active Cases, Deaths, Recoveries) as of June 15, 2021

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine National Police (PNP) Health Service Department has issued the list of new COVID-19 status (active cases, deaths, recoveries) as of June 15, 2021.

As per the department, there were 214 new Covid-19 Cases reported bringing the total number of active cases to 1,942. 137 were reported additional recoveries in the department.

Meanwhile, zero (0) death has been reported by the PNP Health Service.

PNP COVID-19 Cases

Here is the tally of the COVID-19 cases from the Philippine National Police Health Service as of June 15, 2021.

ClassificationNo. of Cases
New Cases214
Active Cases1,942
New Recoveries137
Total Deaths71
Total Cases26,059
Total Recoveries24,046
Source: PNP Official website

COVID-19 Latest Updates in the Philippines

The number of active cases in the Philippines is slightly increased to 58,063 with 5,389 reported new cases as of June 15.

As announced by the DOH, there were 6,667 new recoveries giving the total number of recoveries to 1,246,405.

DOH likewise reminded the public to practice the use of protective measures such as wearing mask and wearing face shield.

The Department also encourages the people to practice proper sanitation such as using alcohol-based or washing hands this also may protect us from spreading the virus.

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