Shara Chavez, a scammer? Several members claimed to be scammed

MANILA, Philippines – The former PGT Champion Jovit Baldivino’s ex-girlfriend is accused of being a scammer who defrauded over 8,000 individuals in an investment scheme.

On the Asintado program, Jerome, Ace, and Mae confronted Jigo Pistolero and Atty. Claire Castro about Shara Jane Chavez Cruzat, Jovit Baldivino’s ex-girlfriend, and her partner, Angel, who runs SCET Corporation. Victims said that they had lost a multimillion-dollar investment with the partner.

Jerome’s journey began when he noticed a number of positive reviews and became intrigued by the prospect of making such an investment. He claimed he seized the opportunity to invest because the return on investment (ROI) was excellent.

“Sabi ko, Ang galing niya nakabangon siya. Lalo akong humanga tuloy! Totoo siguro itong company na to,” Jerome explained.

Because Shara is a well-known public personality, Ace believes he can trust her completely. Aside from that, owing to Shara and its partners’ SC Investment program, the returns on investment are 100 percent doubled and have increased in just six months.

Jerome was scammed of Php500,000 and did not receive any form of payment. Meanwhile, Ace is said to have put in more than Php1 million, which likewise disappeared like a cloud.

According to Jerome, other members have also been the victims of a fake check. When they went to East-West Bank, they were told that the accounts had already been closed and that all of the funds belonging to the members had vanished.

Attorney Castro intends to bring a lawsuit against the corporation. Jovit Baldivino recently revealed that he and his ex-girlfriend are no longer in contact.

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  • Anonymous Oct 22, 2021 @ 14:10

    YES! She is really a scammer and infact now hiding in Dubai. Hope she’ll get jailed!

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