Spy x Family: One of Anime’s Most Beloved “Fake Family” of This Era

“A spy, an assassin, and a mind reader” seems like an opening to a “walk into a bar” joke. That’s because putting them in the same room can be too farfetched, even as a plot for a story. So how can such flashy archetypes be able to interact with each other without overwhelming the audience? For mangaka Tatsuya Endo, it’s by making them part of one of this era’s most beloved “fake family.”

Manga Serialization

The name of this anime series is Spy x Family. And just like how most animes came to be, the show also started in manga form.

As mentioned before, the mangaka responsible for this series is Tatsuya Endo, who’s not only the writer but also the illustrator. His hard work paid off when his series got serialized on March 25, 2019, on Shonen Jump+’s website. Being recognized by this manga company is a massive thing for a mangaka like Tatsuya, as this can push his work into the mainstream. However, the success he was able to get is also thanks to his fluid illustrations and unique storytelling.

The Spy x Family manga was well received by the public, as shown by the numbers of sales it was able to pull. As of August 2022, 25 million copies are currently in circulation. This milestone has catapulted Spy x Family into one of the year’s best-selling manga series. The fans praised the manga’s excellent art style, its well-paced and unique storyline, the comedy, the world-building, and the overall chemistry of the lead characters.

The Studio for the Adaptation

Due to how well received the manga was, it’s only logical to turn it into an anime. However, this transition is one of the trickiest part to deal with in the anime industry, especially for the manga-readers. They have this particular expectation of how their beloved manga would look as an anime.

However, the studio in charge of the anime adaptation would also need to consider anime-only watchers. That’s because these types of audiences have to be swayed by the content of the anime and the animation itself. They are not immediately fans of the manga series, unlike the manga-readers.

Cloverworks was the anime studio that got the license to adapt the Spy x Family manga. With this company at the helm, the fans could rest easily due to the studio’s reputation. In addition, Cloverworks was also responsible for some of the excellent anime adaptations in recent years. The Fate series, The Promised Neverland, and My Dress Up Darling are just some of the best animes brought by this studio. Having these series within their resume proves just how far their range of genres can reach. So it’s no exaggeration for some fans to say that Spy x Family is in good hands. That’s just how good Cloverworks is.

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Loid, Yor, and Anya Forger

Spy x Family took the whole world by storm on its first anime release on April 9, 2022. Even without getting into the actual story of the anime, it’s clear that the “fake family” “forged’ by Loid, Yor, and Anya Forger became the public’s apple of the eye. Many adored the cunning, level-headed, yet caring spy that is Loid Forger. The crowd was swooned by the deadly beauty yet clumsy assassin Yor Forger. And who could forget the cute and innocent mind reader named Anya Forger?

People showed their love for these characters by doing some cosplays as them and showing them off online and at anime conventions. This indicates that even with the list of praiseworthy elements of the series, from the music to the plot and the animation, the main leads are what made the show so beloved by many.

That’s because the fake family of the spy, the assassin, and the mind reader felt real. They never felt unreachable, as many people can relate to some of their struggles. Outside the fantasy aspect of the series, some can even share the characters’ quirks and attitudes. The story still focuses on people, regular people dealing with the same problem daily, but through the plot of an adventure anime.


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