Video of male cheerleaders “cross-dressing” at a La Salle pep rally sparks outrage online

Perhaps the De La Salle University (DLSU) cheer squad can provide some answers after a video of their rally showcasing its male squad members sporting skirts and dresses went viral on social media, enraging the local LGBT community and its supporters.

It all started when a video posted by @casteryuuske was shared on TikTok and soon appeared on Twitter.

The performance – an annual activity of the Green Archers serving as initiation for the neophytes – publicly drew criticism as the university’s student government body said it made many “uncomfortable.”

Several commenters, including fellow university students who were present at the pep rally, expressed discomfort at the sight of these burly men dancing flamboyantly while dressed in feminine clothing in an attempt to elicit laughter.

“Seeing the pep rally yesterday and how this frustrated, hurt, and angered many students, including myself, shows how we have a long way to go as we create an inclusive environment here within the university,” Moira Pulumbarit said on Facebook on Thursday.

University Student Government (USG) president Giorgina Escoto on Thursday, September 29, said the performance made a mockery of people’s gender expression.

The DLSU University Student Government‘s gender equality and empowerment commissioner said she and USG president Giorgina Escoto “are working with the administration in creating safer and braver spaces for each and every Lasallian.”

“It made many Lasallians feel uncomfortable, including myself,” Escoto said of the performance during the University’s Athlete’s General Assembly and Animo Rally at the Henry Sy Sr. Hall.

Pulumbarit said that they will “continue to fight against cases like this that stem from the lack of awareness” they have to empower and engrain in every Lasallian.

“I hope that this does not become a source of hate for anyone but I do call for sensitivity and continuous awareness for our community. We are here and proudly queer and our pain will not be erased,” she added.

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