When will Heart Evangelista have her babies?

A recent revelation by Heart Evangelista in the cover story issued by L’Officiel Philippine reported by PEP.ph confirms that the actress went through IVF (in vitro fertilization) that assures her of future baby boy and baby girl.

What would have been a challenging process which according to her resulted to promising perfect babies, “It was very difficult and painful, I had three injections a day over a two-week process”, says Heart. “After harvesting abd the processes that came after that, they were able to gather the perfect boy and the perfect girl.”

Before ongoing IVF, Heart went thru miscarriage in 2018, pregnant with twins but immediately lost them days after announcing her pregnancy. Losing her four months twins was both traumatic and heartbreaking for her.

Heart Evangelista IVF
(Image/Screenshot Credit: Heart Evangelista Instagram Account)

She has been weighing her thoughts for now if she wanted children now because of the pressure around her, or if she really is ready to be a mother. “Do I want a child because I want a child? Or do I want a child because the environment or culture dictates that I should have a child?”, Heart shares in the interview. It is widely known that Heart is famous not just locally but internationally as popular brands icon endorser and model.

On considering IVF

Heart even encourages women to consider IVF process since it buys them more time and it is available in the country. “Anytime they decide on having a child, the embryo is there. Whether you decide immediately or five years from now, there is no deadline”, the 37-year old actress said.

Amongst the popular personalities in showbiz who also went thru IVF (and via surrogate mom) are Joel Cruz, Dr. Vicki Belo, Korina Sanchez, Beth Tamayo, and Alice Dixon.

So the big question is, when will Heart Evangelista eventually have her babies?

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