Who is the man in the birthday greeting of Kris Aquino? “Thank you for coming into my life”

Speculations now loom. Who is the “special” man in the recent Facebook birthday greeting of Kris Aquino?

MANILA, Philippines – Kris Aquino, on Wednesday August 11, has posted on Facebook a short captioned image saying “Thank you for coming into my life, Happy Birthday!”. To quote from the description,

I thought long and hard whether to upload this, because i know what kind of speculation i’ll be starting… BUT he really did come when my grief was unbearable; he continues to give me unselfish support & comfort; he’s been around for all my ups and downs, health woes, and tears- plus bimb likes him… most of all he makes me feel taken care of, secure, and SAFE. So he is deserving of this birthday greeting that all of you are now seeing (care bears na kung anong iisipin ninyo) BECAUSE for me he is #special. 💛

From Kris Aquino Facebook Page

Kris Aquino nor Bimby didn’t name this “special” someone. Now who is this man? Is he a new boyfriend?

We run into some of the comments to find out the answer and here are some of the netizens reactions on the post.

Go if that what makes you happy, never mind what others will think of. It’s your life. Do everything to make it last. God bless your relationship. Keep safe and healthy.

~Lynda Villena

You deserve to love and to be loved. Dont think of what other people say, just be yourself. You are not getting any younger. Live life to the fullest.

~Gemma Turaray

I used to care a lot about what others may think and what other people might say. It was not a happy feeling. I felt imprisoned in my own little world. When I turned 50 last March, I said to myself F it! People will always say something anyways, regardless! Since then I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I am free of the chains of public scrutiny! I stopped caring about what they can say about me and my life. I know that I am only answerable to my creator and that’s what I always remind myself. To hell with my haters. They can hate me all they want because they cannot be ME! Whatever I do to my life is my business! My life, my decisions!You deserve all the happiness! Do whatever you want to do! You are a good person, mother and employer!We only live once,you don’t have to conform with what society dictates! That’s what makes you a Kris Aquino! You have always been true to yourself and the people around you. Just be happy because you are deserving of every happiness life has to offer! God bless you!

~Cece Guzman

I am so happy, when both of you and kuya will naghosting together. Happy na happy if kayo talaga Ms. Kris,Happy Birthday Kuya Willie.

~Joy Yoj

Men are just headache and anxiety. (Lovers not kids) Choose your headache and anxiety wisely. Goodluck tita Kris! Be happy! And if time comes happiness isn’t there anymore, I know you’ll just cut ties without hesitations. You’re complete without man already, he’s just a pro bono icing in the whole picture. So he better be really stronger than a strong woman like you. Goodluck to him then hahaha go tita kris! 💓

~Sheneyora Arroyo Hicalde

FYI it’s not Willie’s birthday. Google google din muna kapag may time. And not Herbert’s bday, too!Not James Yap, too. Whoever that is, Happy Birthday to him!

Marie Ann Aguisanda Mellejor

In a lengthy video aired on March 2021 in Instagram, Kris said that she tried to reconnect with Herbert Bautista but it didn’t work out.

“We recently discussed Herbert Bautista, because the two of us tried to reconnect. But as a mom, I knew I needed Bimb’s permission” she said.

“Nu’ng pinag-uusapan namin, sinabi niya, ‘I can see, mama, how you still look at him. You do not look at others the way you look at him. If he is your happiness, then he has my vote”

Your reactions?

Who do you think is this special guy in the anonymous birthday greeting of Kris Aquino? Tell us your comments below.

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